Argumentative Essay Introduction

You are welcomed to find out the main facts that will help you in your argumentative essay writing. Writing an argumentative essay can be difficult if you don’t know the main rules. In this article you will find some useful points concerning argumentative essay writing. Be attentive while writing this type of essay.

Argumentative Essay Introduction. Some Tips.

There are four parts of an argumentative essay introduction.

  • First point should introduce the topic of the essay.
  • The second point should state why this topic is so important.
  • Another important thing should state the different thoughts concerning the theme.
  • The last point should describe how the assignment will be structured.

Argumentative Essay Introduction. Main Tips.

Firstly make sure that you know the theme of your argumentative essay, that you understand main points and can provide different argument. Consider the type of your audience, knowing the preferences of the reader will help you to choose the correct theme. You are recommended to make a little poll in order to find out the preferences of your reader.

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You should know that you are obliged to hook the reader with some catching sentence. In a word try to catch the attention of the reader and leave him with the positive feedback. You may include some interesting and thrilling fact concerning your theme, or tell some relevant anecdote. It will be the first impression that you will make on the reader. That is why it should be positive and interesting.

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